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    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2015.

    Perfect Cake Steamer - Heavenly Blue

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    Fondant or sugarpaste is an ingredient that a lot of decorators use to cover their cakes, create small models, and add finishing touches. Sugarpaste usually has a matt finish when applied. Applying a light amount of steam to your fondant covered cake can give it a shiny, glossy finish, allowing it to catch the light, and give your creation a look of elegance.

    Steaming your finished cake also has other benefits. A steamed cake will be more resistent to humidity, preventing the fondant from having condensation and bubbling. 

    Applying steam can also remove minor "imperfections" on your fondant, such as those inevitable fingerprints, and traces of cornflour from when you rolled the sugarpaste. This is great for dark coloured cakes, where the cornflour would appear more prominently.

    If you have finished your cake with a lustre dust, or petal dust, an application of steam can help "set" your dust, and will deepen the colour, giving you a stronger finish.

    Steam is not only useful for sugarpaste! You can apply it to wafer paper to give it a curl. For a stronger curl, apply more steam. Ganache can also be steamed, instead of using a hot knife before covering with fondant.

    Despite how useful steam can be to rolled sugarpaste, it can be quite tricky to apply. For things such as sugarpaste or gumpaste flowers, the steam from a kettle is commonly used, though this can be quite dangerous! This cake steamer is a brilliant way of adding steam to your sugarpaste covered cakes, quickly, evenly and helps you apply just the right amount. The steamer features a five-hole horizontal nozzle, which will help you apply steam evenly across a larger area, or steam one area for a longer amount of time, while lightly covering another area. 

    If you are wanting to steam decorations, such as gumpaste flowers, we recommend steaming each part, such as the petals or leaves, as you create them. This way you can ensure everything is steamed, and if done once it's finished and attached to your cake, it can be quite tricky to get to each part!

    Simply place your decoration on a piece of kitchen towel, and carefully apply steam.

    You can apply steam to select areas of your cake or figures, such as a buckle for a handbag cake, by covering areas you wish to keep a matt finish with baking paper, or tin foil.

    Try using a cake turntable to sit your cake upon while steaming, this will help you turn your cake to steam the sides and back, while keeping your cake on a level, sturdy platform.

    When steaming, be careful not to apply too much. The perfect amount is when the cake looks "moist" but, doesn't have water droplets forming on the surface. For a figure, or flower you've created, too much steam may cause the figure to droop, and lose it's shape.

    Please note that this is shipped with a UK plug, if you live outside of the UK, you may need a plug adaptor.

    This steamer has a capicity of 150ml, enough for 8-10 minutes of continuous steam.


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